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The QuickSpecs site is accessible from your desktop or mobile device. It is a convenient central resource providing technical overviews and specifications for Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware and software. It offers full text search, faceted navigation and search results sorted by 'Modification Date' by default. Previous versions of QuickSpecs may also be viewed.

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QuickSpecs Offline – HPE Product Bulletin

QuickSpecs can be accessed offline using the HPE Product Bulletin application.

The HPE Product Bulletin provides technical overviews and specifications for Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware and software. The downloadable HPE Product Bulletin application is loaded with features to aid with the purchase, sale and support of products. The HPE Product Bulletin is provided free of charge to all Hewlett Packard Enterprise employees, dealers, distributors and end users.

User can schedule regular updates to get the latest version of the documents.

This application runs only on Microsoft Windows 8 and higher versions.

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How do I get access to retired QuickSpecs?

Enter the QuickSpecs site at www.hpe.com/info/qs, click on “Search all QuickSpecs” and start your search. This will show both active and retired QuickSpecs. To only see retired ones, expand “Status” in the left rail and select “Retired”.

Is it possible to view a QuickSpecs document revision history?

Yes, open pdf or the html version of the QuickSpecs. In the upper right, click on the dropdown list to the right of “Version History”. Click on any of the listed versions to view that past version. Scroll to the end of the QuickSpecs and expand the last section to view a summary of changes for each past version.
Note: Product Bulletin offline application does not have a version history, but the Summary of Changes between versions is available at the end of each QuickSpecs and in the QuickSpecs Changes tab.

How do I make sure to work with the latest revision of the document?

The latest version of the document is opened by default on QuickSpecs site. You can also schedule regular updates on Product Bulletin offline tool.

How do I access and search for QuickSpecs documents when I am offline?

HPE Product Bulletin continues to be the tool for viewing QuickSpecs offline.

Do I need to purchase any software or premium services to access QuickSpecs documents online and offline?

No, the QuickSpecs online and HPE Product Bulletin offline solutions are available free of charge.

How can I access pricing information?

You can go to iQuote tool. The Product Bulletin also includes a Quick Quote feature and provides internet prices.

How do I access and download product images?

On this site, select "Product Photos". This will take you to the Resource Center of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's global marketing asset repository, the HPE PSNow. HPE PSNow provides access to the entire product imagery collection. When entering HPE PSNow, you will be redirected to authenticate before you can access the asset library.

Where can I get support for QuickSpecs online/offline or provide feedback?

If you need support, submit your query in Service Central, your gateway to support. For details how to submit a ticket, click here.

Product Photos

HPE PSNow enriches the selection of Product Images by providing access to the entire HPE product imagery collection.


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Log ticket in Service Central

If you require support or have questions, log a ticket in Service Central.
Service Central is your gateway for submitting, tracking and managing your support requests. An individual user dashboard provides an overview of your individual support history and ticket status, and system generated messages inform you of any updates related to your query.

1. Log in to Service Central.

HPE employee access to Service Central
External user access to Service Central

2. Select the appropriate service option for your request. Please note: You might have to select QuickSpecs from the Marketing option on the top menu first.

3. Click Submit a case at the bottom of the page.

4. Complete the required information, attach and upload additional information if required.

5. Submit your request.

Review/edit your ticket

In order to review/edit your ticket – take the following steps:

1. Log in to Service Central.

2. Select My Page from the top menu bar.

3. Your ticket(s) will be listed at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on the request ID to review your ticket, or

5. To modify your ticket or respond to a helpdesk query, click edit and insert your comments into the Addtl Information/Comments field.