Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems. Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems.

Retail + Hyperconverged Systems

Discover the three major trends reshaping the entire retail landscape, and how hyperconverged systems can help your business scale, adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Things Are Changing Faster Than Ever: How Do You Keep Up?

Like many other sectors, retail faces massive and disruptive challenges, due to the new and emerging technologies that are driving the Idea Economy, the era of rapid change and technological disruption that we all now live and work in. In this session, filmed at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona on 18 October, you’ll learn what’s behind these disruptions from an IT consultant, then hear from the CTO of a fast-growing app who explains how these disruptions (and opportunities) are met in the real world. All of which are made possible, argue experts from HPE, with appliances such as the Hyper Converged 380.

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Tamm outlines three perspectives on what’s behind the disruptions inherent to the Idea Economy, and how hyperconverged systems can help businesses not just overcome them but gain significant value and success in doing so. Revenue sources are shifting, supplier and customer relationships have changed, and data itself has to be considered an asset – all of which lead him to suggest that it is only technology like hyperconverged systems that offer retail organizations the ability to transform themselves in the ways needed. Ramzi Rizk, founder and CTO of online photography marketplace EyeEm, shares similar thoughts as he describes how they grew from a start-up to a community of 20 million photographers who collaborate, share and sell their work to individuals and brands all around the world. Building “the visual search of tomorrow”, he says, is about having the ability to sort through and find value in truly huge amounts of data.

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Ramzi Rizk

Starting a business when you’re still not sure exactly what your niche is requires flexibility and scalability: you might go viral: you have to be ready.”

Ramzi Rizk, Co-founder and CTO of EyeEm

Emma Barnett

From everything I’ve learned about hyperconverged systems today, it seems obvious to me that they are the future. There can be no doubt about it.”

Emma Barnett, BBC host and expert in media & digital trends

Gerrit Tamm

Hyperconvergence offers scalability, flexibility, and security. From start-ups to businesses employing hundreds. It’s so easy – you just have to try it.”

Prof. Dr. Tamm, IT Consultant and professor at SRH University Berlin

Marcus Thompson

The Hyper Converged 380 is built on a very mature platform: HPE has been thinking about hyperconverged systems before this was even a well-known concept.”

Marcus Thompson, HPE Business Development

Ramzi Rizk

Ramzi Rizk

As CTO of Berlin- and San Francisco-based photography community and marketplace EyeEm, Ramzi Rizk has made it one of the fastest growing photography platforms in the world. He is responsible for most of the technology behind EyeEm, including proprietary computer-vision technology that automatically understand photos in real time. They are also building the ‘image search of tomorrow’ to allow brands and agencies to find photos that will get results.

Before founding EyeEm, Ramzi was a PhD candidate with years of research and lectures on the social, economical and technological aspects of privacy in Social Media. He is a passionate software architect, photographer and pianist.

Emma Barnett

Emma Barnett

BBC Radio 5 host Emma Barnett is a respected expert in media and digital trends. Covering technology, business and politics, she’s spoken at TEDx and appears regularly on TV (including the BBC, Sky News, CNN). Previously Digital Media Editor of The Daily Telegraph, she has worked for Media Week and contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine and Esquire.

Prior to working with the BBC, Emma presented Gadget Geeks on Sky One, a studio-based show covering digital media and technology. She also presented a documentary for BBC Radio 4 entitled 'Do we have a right to be forgotten?' in which she examined the ownership of online identities and who owns information in the digital age.

Gerrit Tamm

Gerrit Tamm

Prof. Dr. Tamm is professor of information systems at SRH University Berlin and guest professor in St. Gallen, Athens and several other universities across the globe.

He was the executive director of the BMBF-funded Berlin Research Center on Internet Economics, and the executive director of the BMWi-funded Research Center of Collaboration, and at RFID in Berlin. He is founder and executive director of the electronic business forum and Asperado GmbH.

Marcus Thompson

Marcus Thompson

A technology evangelist focused on HPE’s software-defined storage solutions, including their hyperconverged systems business, Marcus Thompson originally joined the company on the acquisition of LeftHand Networks in 2008.

A 25-year veteran of the data storage industry, he is a regular speaker at industry events.

The future of retail is the Idea Economy. Watch the full session now to understand more about why it is only those businesses ready to transform themselves will be able to exploit the huge value there.

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