Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems. Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems.

Public Sector + Hyperconverged Systems

Discover how hyperconverged systems enable digital transformation across various public sector organizations in a cost effective manner, allowing better utilization of core IT staff.

The Public Sector Is Getting Ready for the Future

Filmed live at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona on 18 October, this session features speakers from two IT consultancies who supply their public sector customers with infrastructure built on hyperconverged systems. They’re joined by two of HPE’s experts who offer hands-on advice and technical details about exactly how Hyper Converged can transform organizations in the public sector.

More than most, organizations within the public sector have to be as economical and efficient as possible. But they still need to keep up with the fast pace of technological change faced by all of us in the Idea Economy: the IT-defined era we all live in now, in which the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier, or the competition more demanding.

hyper-converged system
Martijm Grem

Hyperconverged systems allow public sector customers to accelerate transformation without disrupting other priorities, enabling innovation and productivity.”

Martijn Grem, Sales & Marketing Manager, Imagine ICT

Jonas Emilsson

We’re seeing many within the public sector adopting this technology: hyperconverged systems are a mature and dependable platform to build on.”

Jonas Emilsson, Business Developer, Data Center Solutions, Atea

Emma Barnett

From everything I’ve learned about hyperconverged systems today, it seems obvious to me that they are the future. There can be no doubt about it.”

Emma Barnett, BBC host and expert in media & digital trends

Hasan Sheikh

Hyperconverged systems are standardized: this allows you to deliver more services, more efficiently, while keeping IT personnel costs down: it’s highly cost effective.”

Hasan Sheikh, HPE Hyperconverged Systems Business Development

Cullen Guemerer

We’re seeing huge demand from customers in ROBO use cases – this is something that hyperconverged systems are perfectly suited for.”

Cullen Guemerer, Senior Director, HPE Software-Defined Data Center & Cloud Group

Martijn Grem

Martijn Grem

As a full-service IT supplier offering hardware, software, cloud, mobile and MDM solutions to clients, Imagine ICT is dedicated to businesses run smoother, and more economically. Martijn has a real passion for matching clients with IT solutions that they really need, and that will transform their businesses.

He will share insights and advice acquired through his many years of experience working with clients in the public sector and beyond, specifically about how those who embrace change are the ones who succeed in the long run. He also has a strong interest in Twitch, YouTube and online creation in general.

Jonas Emilsson

Jonas Emilsson

Jonas Emilsson has been working in the IT-industry for 20 years, and has held roles as a Senior Consultant, Business Area Manager, Datacenter Evangelist, and a Solutions Architect, all for Atea in Sweden.

His primary focus is virtualization and storage and hybrid cloud solutions, working primarily with HPE and VMware. He has been a keynote speaker at VMware Forum/vForum, and EMC Forum.

With vast experience on assignments across EMEA, he has invaluable experience in large scale cloud and virtualization projects, experience he’ll be sharing at the event.

Emma Barnett

Emma Barnett

BBC Radio 5 host Emma Barnett is a respected expert in media and digital trends. Covering technology, business and politics, she’s spoken at TEDx and appears regularly on TV (including the BBC, Sky News, CNN). Previously Digital Media Editor of The Daily Telegraph, she has worked for Media Week and contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine and Esquire.

Prior to working with the BBC, Emma presented Gadget Geeks on Sky One, a studio-based show covering digital media and technology. She also presented a documentary for BBC Radio 4 entitled 'Do we have a right to be forgotten?' in which she examined the ownership of online identities and who owns information in the digital age.

Hasan Sheikh

Hasan Sheikh

Responsible for growing HPE's hyperconverged and software-defined storage business, primarily in Northern Europe, Hasan manages the execution of sales campaigns, channel programs and alliance engagements along with pursuing strategic sales opportunities.

With a decade of experience in enterprise datacenter technologies, Hasan has a focus on storage: file & object storage, backup, software-defined storage, and hyperconverged infrastructure. He holds an MBA from Fachhochschule Esslingen.

Cullen Guemerer

Cullen Guemerer

Working at HPE since 2010, Cullen Guemerer has spent the past two years working as a Product Management executive focused on Converged and Hyper Converged Solutions. He is responsible for defining and executing product roadmaps and identifying and executing solutions and sales enablement tools.

He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Masters of Engineering Management from Northwestern University’s engineering school. He works at the HPE headquarters in Palo Alto, California and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters.

From HPE’s Software-Defined Data Center & Cloud Group, Cullen Ruegemer offers even greater depth into the capabilities of hyperconverged systems, specifically what makes them so distinctive and attractive in the current market. HPE’s Hasan Sheikh adds to these argument for why hyperconverged systems are an ideal solution for public sector organizations, especially those operating on restricted budgets. Because hyperconverged appliances are by their nature standardized, he explains, they’re optimized for efficiency, supporting more services at less cost than other solutions.
Watch the full session now to see all technical details about how and why hyperconverged systems can help get your public sector organization ready for the future.

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