Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems. Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems.

Media + Hyperconverged Systems

The transfer, storage, accessibility and security of data is vital in media industries: find out how hyperconverged systems can give your business a vital competitive advantage.

Data Is Now King: Do You Know How to Manage It?

Media organizations depend on the fast, secure and simple management of data. From broadcasters to post-production houses to online magazines and beyond, it is essential they can store, transmit and create value from that data. This session, filmed live at VMworld 2016 in Barcelona on 18 October, features the founder of a Berlin-based production house explaining the utter reliance his business has on data management. Experts from both HPE and VMware than reveal how this potentially risky handling of vast amounts of data is made simple with hyperconverged systems.

According to Gregor Möllers from German production company EASYdoesit businesses need entirely new and far simpler methods for managing their data. When a single short film project can contain terabytes of data that must be transmitted from the shoot in South Africa to grading in London to the client in Berlin, the success of companies such as his completely depends on how quickly and securely that data is handled. Cullen Ruegemer from HPE and Alex Matthews from VMware jointly discuss how the Idea Economy – the IT-led era in which we all now live and work – has changed the speed with which companies like Gregor’s do business, and how hyperconvergence can help.

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Gregor Möllers

There can be two terabytes of data for every film project, data that has to travel all around the world. How we manage our data is vital to our success.”

Gregor Möllers, Founder and Producer, EASYdoesit production house

Cullen Guemerer

Translating ideas into new products has never been easier – but you need a nimble datacenter in your infrastructure.”

Cullen Guemerer, Senior Director, HPE Software-Defined Data Center & Cloud Group

Tom Van Mulders

The Hyper Converged 380 makes data management and data access simple: it gives you flexibility and ability to scale at any speed.”

Tom Van Mulders, HPE Cloud Solution Architect, EMEA

Emma Barnett

From everything I’ve learned about hyperconverged systems today, it seems obvious to me that they are the future. There can be no doubt about it.”

Emma Barnett, BBC host and expert in media & digital trends

Emma Barnett

Emma Barnett

BBC Radio 5 host Emma Barnett is a respected expert in media and digital trends. Covering technology, business and politics, she’s spoken at TEDx and appears regularly on TV (including the BBC, Sky News, CNN). Previously Digital Media Editor of The Daily Telegraph, she has worked for Media Week and contributed to The Times, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine and Esquire.

Prior to working with the BBC, Emma presented Gadget Geeks on Sky One, a studio-based show covering digital media and technology. She also presented a documentary for BBC Radio 4 entitled 'Do we have a right to be forgotten?' in which she examined the ownership of online identities and who owns information in the digital age.

Cullen Guemerer

Cullen Guemerer

Working at HPE since 2010, Cullen Guemerer has spent the past two years working as a Product Management executive focused on Converged and Hyper Converged Solutions. He is responsible for defining and executing product roadmaps and identifying and executing solutions and sales enablement tools.

He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Masters of Engineering Management from Northwestern University’s engineering school. He works at the HPE headquarters in Palo Alto, California and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters.

Tom Van Mulders

Tom Van Mulders

A skilled Solution Architect with 18 years’ experience, Tom Van Mulders is responsible for identifying and aligning HPE’s Transformation Area 1 (‘transform to Hybrid’) with customer requirements. This includes leading industry-oriented and technical conversations, designing overall solutions and translating HPE’s solution stack into total solutions for customers and partners.

In close collaboration with the Global Account teams, Tom helped build the storage strategy for several Healthcare ISV’s (including Agfa & Orion Health), resulting in double digit growth for HPE. He was co-responsible for the creation of Orion’s CloudMap, and is also closely involved in growing HPE’s presence in the video surveillance business.

He holds a Master of Science in Business & Technology and a Master in Mgmt. Informatics (both Brussels University), and in his spare time enjoys skiing: he’s a certified instructor and loves to spend time his kids on the snow.

Gregor Möllers

Gregor Möllers

As co-founder of EASYdoesit, a creative production company from Berlin-Kreuzberg, Gregor Möllers runs production of commercials, music videos, photography shoots, graphics and animation projects, art pieces, documentaries, event films and more. Whatever is being produced, he has to maintain control of his ever-changing network of in-house and external creators.

Working in all aspects of audiovisual communication, he will be sharing unique insights into how technologies such as hyperconverged systems helps his company stay relevant, fast-paced, and always ready to scale, no matter what the job.

Watch the full session now to get exclusive insights into how appliances such as HPE Hyper Converged 380 provide flexibility, the ability to scale rapidly, an easy interface and superb ROI.

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