Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems. Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems.

Healthcare + Hyperconverged Systems

Find out why the ‘Internet of Things’ lies at the heart of patient care and how hyperconvergence is driving the healthcare revolution.

The Internet of Things Is the Future of Healthcare

One of the key industries in which technology is leading a true revolution is healthcare. In this session, filmed live in Berlin, we hear from a former advisor to Barack Obama what’s behind this revolution. His insights are then given real world examples, showing that it’s not just the technology itself that matters, it’s what organizations are able to do with it. And its technologies like hyperconverged systems, the argument is made, that offer value and innovation like never before.

From large hospitals to doctors’ network, research and development institutes to individual patient care strategies, new and emerging technologies are redefining how we stay fit and healthy in the modern world. At the heart of all this progress lies data management and the Internet of Things: an area in which hyperconverged systems are proven to offer vital and significant advantages to those who transform their IT architecture around them. Alec Ross – who was senior advisor on technology & innovation at Hillary Clinton’s US State Department and advised Barack Obama’s during his presidential campaign – shares his excitement and optimism about what converged systems can achieve in healthcare. The ability to analyze and produce actionable insights from huge data sources is invaluable in the Idea Economy, in which the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier, and time to value is the key measure of success.

hyper-converged system
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev

Hyperconverged Systems allow you to have both an infrastructure that is completely cloud ready and best-in-class network, storage and compute.”

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev, IT consultant and fellow at the University of California in Berkeley

Kate Russell

With cost savings, data center efficiency benefits and increased innovation all delivered with absolute simplicity, hyperconverged systems are delivering the future, today.”

Kate Russell, BBC technology reporter and prolific writer

Alec Ross

Data is the raw material of our information age. Those who own it, control it, or can draw meaning from it, are creating the industries of the future.”

Alec Ross, Former White House advisor and award-winning author

Tom Van Mulders

The HPE Hyper Converged 380 makes data management and data access simple: it gives you flexibility and ability to scale at any speed.”

Tom Van Mulders, HPE Cloud Solution Architect, EMEA

Alec Ross

Alec Ross

Alec Ross was senior advisor on technology & innovation at Hillary Clinton’s US State Department and previously advised Barack Obama’s during his presidential campaign. His 2015 award-winning book, The Industries of the Future, was a New York Times bestseller. He serves as an advisor for both the political and technological elite to help them better understand the implications of emerging technologies.

In a world growing more chaotic, Alec Ross is one of those very rare people who can see patterns in the chaos and provide guidance for the road forward.
- Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman

Tom Van Mulders

Tom Van Mulders

A skilled Solution Architect with 18 years’ experience, Tom Van Mulders is responsible for identifying and aligning HPE’s Transformation Area 1 (‘transform to Hybrid’) with customer requirements. This includes leading industry-oriented and technical conversations, designing overall solutions and translating HPE’s solution stack into total solutions for customers and partners.

In close collaboration with the Global Account teams, Tom helped build the storage strategy for several Healthcare ISV’s (including Agfa & Orion Health), resulting in double digit growth for HPE. He was co-responsible for the creation of Orion’s CloudMap, and is also closely involved in growing HPE’s presence in the video surveillance business.

He holds a Master of Science in Business & Technology and a Master in Mgmt. Informatics (both Brussels University), and in his spare time enjoys skiing: he’s a certified instructor and loves to spend time his kids on the snow.

Paul Durzan

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev is Executive Director of the Institute for Computer Science of the SRH University Berlin and fellow at the University of California in Berkeley.

His research interests are in the areas of cloud computing, service-oriented architectures (SOA), IT Governance, and Information Management. He acts on the governing boards of a number of technology companies.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell

BBC technology reporter Kate Russell is a prolific writer, keynote speaker and facilitator on the technology scene, has been inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts for over two decades. She appears regularly on the BBC, both as a guest journalist and on technology show 'Click'.

She is involved in governmental policy meetings aiming to shape the way the Internet is governed in the UK, and in June 2015 was voted the in the top-25 most influential woman in UK IT by Computer Weekly magazine.

It will be data, the speakers in this session suggest, not some new drug or invention, that will be the defining factor in the healthcare industry in the coming years. Watch this full session now to benefit from all of their exclusive insights.

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