Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems. Accelerating Simplicity - Highlights and full sessions from the web-event of the year for hyper-converged systems.

Education + Hyperconverged Systems

Learn how information consumption by students has changed, what the future of education holds, and how large institutions like universities benefit from hyperconvergence.

IT Is Now an Essential Success Factor in Education

More than ever before, educational institutions such as universities, colleges and online learning centers have to be run as businesses. Filmed live in Berlin, this session offers insights into how a leading UK university and its transformation to being a ‘digital campus’, and how the nature of data and information itself is changing how teachers and students are interacting. The industry leaders and technology experts here share a clear vision of the future of education: it’s power by hyperconverged systems.

From profit margins to the reliance on marketing, government regulations to the need to attract the brightest and best professionals, education is truly an industry that needs to lead the way in IT, not get left behind. All of this takes place within the Idea Economy, the IT-defined era in which was all now live and work, in which the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier, or the competition more demanding. The nature of information consumption for students has changed drastically, argues technology expert Alec Ross. He offers actionable insights into how hyperconverged systems create more transparency, allowing greater interaction between educators and learners, whilst also creating the ability to mine value and innovation from the data produced and stored in those relationships.

hyper-converged system
Alec Ross

Data is the raw material of our information age. Those who own it, control it, or can draw meaning from it, are creating the industries of the future.”

Alec Ross, Former White House advisor and award-winning author

Gerrit Tamm

Hyperconvergence offers scalability, flexibility, and security. From start-ups to businesses employing hundreds. It’s so easy – you just have to try it.”

Prof. Dr. Tamm, IT Consultant and professor at SRH University Berlin

Paul Durzan

To accelerate your business you need to get applications up quickly, and make sure employees are more productive: hyperconvergence does all of this and lots more.”

Paul Durzan, HPE Product Management, Converged Data Center Infrastructure

Kate Russell

With cost savings, data center efficiency benefits and increased innovation all delivered with absolute simplicity, hyperconverged systems deliver the future, today.”

Kate Russell, BBC technology reporter and prolific writer

Alec Ross

Alec Ross

Alec Ross was senior advisor on technology & innovation at Hillary Clinton’s US State Department and previously advised Barack Obama’s during his presidential campaign. His 2015 award-winning book, The Industries of the Future, was a New York Times bestseller. He serves as an advisor for both the political and technological elite to help them better understand the implications of emerging technologies.

In a world growing more chaotic, Alec Ross is one of those very rare people who can see patterns in the chaos and provide guidance for the road forward.
- Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman

Gerrit Tamm

Gerrit Tamm

Prof. Dr. Tamm is professor of information systems at SRH University Berlin and guest professor in St. Gallen, Athens and several other universities across the globe.

He was the executive director of the BMBF-funded Berlin Research Center on Internet Economics, and the executive director of the BMWi-funded Research Center of Collaboration, and at RFID in Berlin. He is founder and executive director of the electronic business forum and Asperado GmbH.

Paul Durzan

Paul Durzan

Paul Durzan is Vice President of Product Management, Converged Data Center Infrastructure at HPE. He leads the Infrastructure and Orchestration Management Software team.

With more than 15 years of IT experience in product management, sales, finance, product marketing and solutions development, he has successfully brought to market market-changing technologies and solutions for leading technology companies. He has also successfully managed product portfolios with ten-figure revenues.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell

BBC technology reporter Kate Russell is a prolific writer, keynote speaker and facilitator on the technology scene, has been inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts for over two decades. She appears regularly on the BBC, both as a guest journalist and on technology show 'Click'.

She is involved in governmental policy meetings aiming to shape the way the Internet is governed in the UK, and in June 2015 was voted the in the top-25 most influential woman in UK IT by Computer Weekly magazine.

What the future of education holds, these speakers argue, is not certain. But watch the full session now to find out why they believe for certain that it is that those institutions not willing and able to transform themselves will be left behind by competitors.

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